Topou was established to serve the niche market of SMEs that need executive level input but are unable to resource the position full time. We offers capacity building projects to empower organisations to increase the value of their growing organisations to take them to the next level of revenue earning potential. 

Strategy Facilitation

As a owner you know strategy has many moving parts, sometimes you need clarify your strategy to better communicate it to your workforce.  We help by facilitating your distillation process, using best practice and frameworks to produce your strategy in a way that everyone can understand.

Once distilled we can also provide you with the skills and knowledge to manage the execution of strategy. 
Virtual CIO Services

So much is changing in technology from day to day, You have so many options available to you. Every sales person tells you that their product is the best. Who do you believe and how to best determine your business needs.  At Topou we can assist you with our virtual CIO offering. We provide you with sound advice for your business by providing IT master plans, Software acquisition advice and creating and documenting your business processes.
Finance Facilitator
Finance facilitator

Cash flow management is paramount in your business, occasionally you have the need to finance your operations for liquidity or for growth. If you need advice on these matters or anything related on how to obtain finance we can help.